Can you fight tyranny with a cartoon?

We'll at least have fun trying.

Can you fight tyranny with a cartoon?

We'll at least have fun trying.

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Introducing Unpresidented.

The image of Donald Trump's hair over a skull and crossbones expresses the toxicity on Trumpism in our political culture and in civil society.

Much like the collective emotional outburst that ushered Donald J. Trump into the Oval Office, the Unpresidented logo began as a temper tantrum. How could this vulgar man represent our great nation? He seems beneath the dignity of virtually every American he presumably represents- man, woman or child; native-born, naturalized citizen or immigrant resident; Republican, Democrat or Independent...

Toxicity was the word that came to mind.

The skull and crossbones image began as a rough sketch and was revised with the input of friends and colleagues. One person mentioned that bones represent permanence. Bones last forever she told me and we don't want Trump to be forever, right? Right! But the toxic forces on Trumpism in our political culture and in civic society will last forever if people do not come together to resist them.

Trump has eroded our democratic norms and institutions, violated established constraints on executive power, and debased our civic discourse in ways thought unimaginable just a short while ago. All without any meaningful pushback from Congress. He has willfully divided us and cynically exploited our differences apparently, since he is unable to articulate any coherent policy objectives or political philosophy, for his own personal gain. 

I recall when Lester Holt ask Trump if he stands by his rationale for firing FBI Director James Comey. "I stand by nothing." Trump replied.


I created this T-shirt for the Women's March in January 2017 and did nothing further to promote it always thinking that something would change. But each day the news gives us another reason to be disgusted with Trump. With the mid-terms approaching, now is time for everyday Americans to stand by America, to stand up for our democracy and to take a stand against Trump.

Wear the Unpresidented logo and then VOTE!

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