About us

Unpresidented is a political messaging brand founded in January 2017 to warn of the dangers of Trumpism.

Like the travel ban, China tariff policy, or Syrian troop withdrawal, Unpresidented USA began with a tweet. Our skull and cross bones logo was already in production when Donald Trump gave us just the word we were looking for to express our feelings about being governed by the pussy-grabber-in-chief. We added the word "unpresidented" to our sign and took off for the Women's March on January 21, 2017. Our first conference call with the trademark attorney took place on a bus en route to Washington, DC and days later, Unpresidented was born. 

Nearly two years later, each day seems to give new shape to the meaning of the word unpresidented. Different groups are threaten by Trump in different ways and new members join our ranks with each transgression but the core thesis remains the same. Rather than unite our nation, Trump continues the hateful and divisive rhetoric that succeeded on the campaign trail. Trump is governing for the exclusive benefit himself and his inner circle while grandstanding to his most fervent supporters. Trump deliberately stokes their outrage to consolidate his power, leaving the rest of us uneasy and even fearful. If you are one of the millions of Americans feeling alienated by Trump's base-only political strategy then you have been UNPRESIDENTED.

Show the world how you feel by sporting our logo and then VOTE!

Proceeds of Unpresidented merchandise will go to organizations working to promote civic education and engagement with an immediate focus on voter registration for the 2018 mid-terms.